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Effective Office Space Planning

At first glance, design an office space or space planning may sound like an easy task, but it is a slippery slope that must be navigated carefully to prevent a myriad of potential problems. Professional office space planners can take a design from concept to completion while considering the following aspects of office space planning.

Laws, Codes, & Regulations

There are no shortage of local, state and national regulations that must be taken into account when designing an office space. Fire codes, ADA Guidelines, and a host of other regulations must be navigated through in order to meet all required standards. This is no easy task.

Business Functions & Necessities

This is dictated by how the space is ultimately used. For example, medical offices, law offices, and advertising companies all utilize different spatial concepts. From the need for privacy to the need for collective brainstorming, the design of the space is guided by the function of the space itself.

Getting Wired

In this day and age, companies need to take data, power and internet access into account when designing a space to keep their employees powered and connected to the information highway. This often times proves to be one of the most challenging parts of office planning.

Adaptability and Consideration for Future Growth

Is the design scalable for the future? That is a very important question to take into account when picking a layout for your office space. Solid designs and layout must be flexible to meet future growth and change. The last thing you want is to pencil yourself into a layout only to find 12 months from now that it no longer meets your company’s needs after experiencing growth and change.

Office Space Planners can assist you with the preceding complicated facets of effective office space planning and design. Contact us today at (877) 918-1947 to begin your project and effectively plan the office space you need and deserve.