call or clickSome systems furniture dealers may be able to assist you with part of your space planning needs. Or you may have a computer design program and think you will just design it yourself. In some cases, that may work just fine.

In most cases, however, knowledge and experience will end up saving you both time and money. With our years of experience we can anticipate potential problems and quickly develop solutions.

Those with less experience in planning office environments may lose sight of important details and end up with a variety of problems, such as:

  • Narrow walkways and cramped space caused by incorrect measuring of systems, furniture and panels
  • Inadequate data connections due to miscalculation of cabling requirements for computers, telephones, fax machines and other equipment
  • Smaller or fewer work stations resulting from a lack of attention to odd-shaped rooms, walls, bump-outs or columns
  • Fines or lawsuits through not complying with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) code requirements
  • Delays due to failure to complete the proper city or county permits
  • Failure to consider adequate storage and equipment areas causing clutter and safety hazards

It’s All in the Details

Office Space Planners considers all aspects of your project and will coordinate the entire project with other contractors, including carpeting, construction, painting, cabling, furniture installers and movers.

We begin with the current layout of your office (whether occupied or empty), including the location of electrical wiring and outlets, voice and data connections, odd-shaped rooms and walls, columns, and any other unique features of your office space. This information is placed in a CAD (computer-aided design) “as-built” drawing to enable us to easily locate any aspect of your facility while creating a permanent record of your office space. As-built drawings are invaluable for future space planning, human resources management and furniture inventory.

Then we work with you to help determine your needs, your budget, and the most effective method of accomplishing your project.