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Office Innovations on Display at Orgatec 2014

home6If you’re looking for the latest in office furniture, you might want to go to Germany. Sandler, a German nonwovens producer, recently put its latest nonwovens on display at Orgatec 2014. According to Innovation in Textiles, “In cooperation with renowned manufacturers of office furniture Sandler constantly works to perfect the sound insulating properties of its acoustic nonwovens. Sandler’s nonwoven panels put a damper on workplaces with a high noise level. Acoustically efficient back walls to office cabinets, suspended ceilings or partition walls create good conversational acoustics and a pleasant atmosphere. Printing and embossing motifs can even make these nonwovens sophisticated design elements, the company reports. Additionally, these versatile materials are also said to dampen machine noise in industrial environments.”

Sandler also decided to show off its office chairs and polyester nonwovens. As reported in the article, the chairs are ergonomically shaped and well cushioned, which leads to a much more comfortable workplace. The author writes, “Owing to its high recovery rate, the high-quality material retains its shape – no matter how many times a day we get up and sit down again. Air-permeable and breathable, Sandler nonwovens also contribute to an optimal micro-climate of the seat, for pleasant and productive working, in summer and winter, according to the manufacturer.”

Innovations from Sandler further emphasize the importance of furniture when it comes to office design projects. While it would be easy to see what’s trendy and choose those features for your office, you might not get the result you were hoping for. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced team guiding you through your office design project.

If you’re looking for an experienced team of designers and project managers, you can’t go wrong with Office Space Planners. Our designers and project managers have decades of combined experience and education in the areas of interior design, space planning, computer aided design, drafting, corporate office relocation management, project management, ergonomics and systems furniture. We offer a variety of different services including analysis, commercial space planning, project management, and move coordination and our clients vary in size and purpose, including businesses in finance, leasing, high-tech, e-commerce, manufacturing, law, insurance, government agencies and more.

Don’t go into your office design project unprepared. Save yourself time and money by consulting with our experts. When it comes to the productivity of your business, a well-designed office is an essential investment. Whatever office design needs you might have, your best bet is Office Space Planners!



Office Design and Anxiety

Meditation+xxxOffice design affects a number of aspects of an employee’s work experience. A recent article by Business Day Live’s Karl Gernetzky takes a look at how office space design affects anxiety. Gernetzky writes, “Depression was one of the most common health issues affecting the workplace, with constant distraction and disruption at the office one of the contributing factors to stress, the marketing manager at Paragon Interiors, Lucy le Roux, said in a statement. Up to 60% of employees in high density open plan offices were placed near a source of distraction such as high volume employee corridors or a printer, with global research indicating this could disrupt around 25% of an employee’s workday, she said.”

If you’re looking to get optimal productivity from your employees, you can’t risk overlooking these factors. That’s why it’s imperative to go into any office design project with a team of experts. At Office Space Planners, we have experienced designers and project managers who have decades of combined experience and education in the areas of interior design, space planning, computer aided design, drafting, corporate office relocation management, project management, ergonomics and systems furniture.

Without experienced consultation, you are susceptible to overlooking nuance in your office design project. For example, consider the effects of color choice on your employees’ emotions. Mitch Finlay of Talk Business Magazine writes, “The colour palette of the office is a priority, since colours have such a direct effect on our mental and emotional functions. Avoid bold and bright colours except as accents or if you put them in a specific area with a specific purpose. For example, you may design an area for employees that functions as a sort of ‘hot desk,’ a place where they can go when they need to focus completely on a task. A space with warm walls in reds, oranges or yellows will help stimulate creativity and an atmosphere of warmth. Creating a sense of airiness and calm is important in common areas; cool blues, greens and purples will help to relax employees and welcome visitors.”

With Office Space Planners, you have access to an experienced team who specializes in a number of services, including analysis, commercial space planning, project management, and move coordination. We have a variety of clients who vary in size and purpose, including businesses in finance, leasing, high-tech, e-commerce, manufacturing, law, insurance, government agencies, and more.

Whatever office design needs you might have, your best bet is Office Space Planners!


Oxley and Paying Attention to Details During Expansion

2605.rathie_council1Expanding your business and building new offices is challenging enough on its own. When you’re expanding from London to Ireland, it doesn’t get any easier. Yet, this is the situation Oxley, one of the biggest developers in the world, faces as it prepares to build a nearly 650,000 square foot office space in Dublin, Ireland. According to, “As part of Oxley’s plans, the company will develop about 645,000 sq ft of office space which would hold about 5,500 workers. The company will also construct 200 apartments there… This is Oxley’s first investment in Ireland. The firm beat off five other bidders including Irish and international developers. The tender process itself was known as ‘Project Wave’. The North Wall Quay site is located within ‘Block 8’ of the Docklands Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) Planning Scheme and has been designated under the SDZ as a block with a ‘focus on employment’, NAMA said.”

With the change of scenery from London to Dublin, paying attention to the details when it comes to office space design is even more important. There are glaring, as well as subtle differences in the cultures of the two areas that designers need to be cognizant of. The best way to account for these differences is with a team of experienced designers and project managers such as the experts at Office Space Planners.

Using a worker-centered approach to office design is becoming increasingly popular. According to The Conversation, “What research to date does demonstrate is that the design of a workplace needs to accommodate not only the type of work that needs to get done there, but also the individual needs of the people who are completing that work. There is an increasing focus on objective measurement within the workplace, examining issues such as stress and productivity using physiological and neuroscience tests. Results have shown employees can be significantly stressed with detrimental effects on both well-being and performance, though they may not report feeling stressed in self-report research.”

At Office Space Planners, we specialize in a number of services, including commercial space planning. We provide a number of illustrations to document every aspect of your project, including detailed electrical, special mechanical, A/V, telecommunication and furniture requirement drawing packages for each room in the building to submit to your architectural firm. In addition, we also provide furniture selection and layout, power pole location calculation and design for the open office. Then we review power pole/ceiling conflict and resolve issues with an updated design.

Whatever office design needs you may have, you can’t go wrong with Office Space Planners!



Author Asserts Office Design Comes Down to Primal Instincts

Witold Rybczynski of Strategy + Business examines the root of recent office design trends in a new article titled “How Primal Instincts Influence Office Design.” He writes, “Humans are biological animals, and biology—not technology—is still at the root of many of our environmental inclinations. It’s no wonder that people like working in rehabbed industrial lofts Read the full article…

What Do You Think About an Office with No Chairs At All?

New office design plans are working to decrease the sedentary nature of office work, both to improve employee productivity and health. One Dutch design studio is taking the new trend to the extreme. According to Gizmodo, RAAAF has created “The End of Sitting” office. Gizmodo’s Sarah Zhang writes, “Instead of tables and chairs, the space Read the full article…

Office Design Has Come a Long Way and It’s Got Much Further to Go

Every week, we see new ideas and innovations in the realm of office design. However, Life Hacker’s Libby Sander believes these innovations are showing us that we have more room for improvement than many might think. Her article, “Why Office Design Still Has A Long Way To Go,” explores this reality and why office design Read the full article…

Office Design and the Human-Centered Approach

A recent article from’s Sep Barkhodae asks the question, “Can humanizing your workspace boost your employees’ productivity?” Barkhodae points out, “Office design has traditionally been left in the hands of finance, operations or office management. It’s been regarded as a kind of box-ticking exercise.” We at Office Space Planners understand it’s bigger than that. Read the full article…

Many are Reaping the Rewards for Their Flexible Office Designs

One size fits all just isn’t doing it anymore. Employee productivity is dependent on the work environment. More and more studies are showing that employees desire a work environment that takes their needs into account. Companies and organizations that are paying attention are reaping the benefits. Recently, The Guardian reported that Rochdale’s council building was Read the full article…

Studies Show Workers Aren’t Thrilled with Open-Plan Office Designs

The open-plan office would seem like the antithesis to the cubicle environment. However, for some it’s little more than the lesser of two evils. According to a Dezeen Magazine article titled “Open-plan office designs unpopular with workers and can damage productivity,” many workers desire more privacy. As reported in the article, “More than half of Read the full article…

Reddit, Distractions, and Draining Office Space

These days, when you hear about Reddit in the news, it usually has to do with something being leaked that shouldn’t have been. The latest controversy from the social media power, however, comes from the company’s offices. Recently, former CEO Yishan Wong left the company and now it’s coming to light that reason may have Read the full article…